With the recent onslaught of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the world as we know it has stopped functioning as it used to. Everything from global travel and commerce to manufacturing, shopping, trade, and academia has come to a complete standstill. Here we will discuss Why you must attain virtual international conferences.

It is a well-known fact, especially amongst those professionals engaged directly in the world of academic that taking part in international conferences regularly is one of the best ways to go about – 

“Virtual participation” in conferences saves the effort and time for the researcher and is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and gain new experiences and skills provided by digital technology

It seems to be a good idea there are many who are unable to travel internationally due to time/cost/leave issues, and for them this is a good alternative. Of course, we miss physically meeting and the related ‘more comfortable’ or social networking that happens. On the other hand, this may bring more people to the conference (virtually), and people can choose to attend what they want to.

The four biggest advantages that virtual conferences have to offer in the modern day are listed below. 

Highly Cost-Effective

  • One thing that burdens all conference attendees, however experienced or amateur they may be, is the fact that taking part in an international or regional conference of high pedigree requires a decent amount of investment. 
  • This is because most conferences where one is likely to gain the most amount of new knowledge, meet top industry experts, avail chances to interact with them personally, as well as, deliver presentations guaranteed to allow them to have an impact on the global academic community, come at a price. 
  • These prices could either be in the form of –
    • exorbitant conference registration fees, 
    • travel costs (air tickets, train tickets, bus fairs, cab charges, fuel expenses, etc), 
    • accommodation costs (hotel charges, resort charges, Airbnb charges, etc), 
    • meals expenditures (breakfast, dinner, and lunch), and
    • other miscellaneous expenses. 

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Scope for Remote High-Level Networking

  • Meeting and interacting with domain experts, getting to know one’s peers and forging powerful professional bonds, relationships, collaborative partnerships, and research associations, is one of the biggest priorities of all those who take part in international conferences. 
  • Of all the misconceptions that people tend to have about virtual conferences, perhaps the most absurd of all of them happens to be that virtual conferences don’t offer opportunities to network and interface. 
  • This is not only far from the truth but also completely opposite from the fact of the matter, which is that virtual conferences offer more opportunities for delegates to engage with domain experts and field authorities.
  • Networking via virtual conferences is also more productive and more powerful owing to the reason that one-on-one engagement is intensified through the provisions of technology such as data sharing, instant transfer of contact details, the possibility to link up with contacts from anywhere in the globe, at any mutually convenient time.

Convenience of An Informal Setting & Lack Of Formalities

  • Taking part in a Dubai international conference often involves conforming to sometimes needless formalities and small talk. 
  • Whether this be dressing in a formal way, so as to appear presentable, or making small talk to people whom you have not previously met and have no inclination of talking to, these informalities can often be burdensome even to the most extrovert and social of delegates and participants. 
  • Virtual conferences help keep participants at ease and keep things simple, which is often crucial to gain the most knowledge and learn at peace. 
  • Learning in comfort from one’s own home in a familiar setting, without having to put up with unknown people and the strangeness of an unknown and overcrowded conference hall, can prove to be incredibly helpful. 

Putting Yourself Out Of Harms Way

. Considering the present circumstances in which lives are literally at stake and any unwarranted contact between people could be detrimental, getting an opportunity to take part in an international or regional conference, from home, is a blessing. 

 .With the discovery of a vaccine far from being imminent, any sort of social contact, even the sort of contact that comes with conferences, can be restricted for the near future. 

What do you wear for video conferencing?

It’s best to avoid patterns or stripes which may be distracting on camera. Wearing a bright white or black shirt may cause your camera to auto-adjust the brightness and make it hard to see your face, so wear a less extreme colour. It also doesn’t hurt to have good posture.

Here are some tips for looking like a pro:

  1. Get the right lights. …
  2. Watch your angle. …
  3. Look presentable. …
  4. Look behind you. …
  5. Minimize distractions. …
  6. Be prepared.


Be sure that your camera is properly positioned on the main monitor you will be using for the video conference. A camera that is pointed too low on your body or pointed somewhere else in the room can be both distracting and unflattering. Make sure the camera is in a stable position and focused at your eye level. Doing so allows for more direct engagement with the other meeting participants. Also, be sure you have good lighting; natural side lighting is usually the best. Without proper lighting, you may either be ghosted out (too much light from the wrong angle), or too dark to see if there is not enough light in the room.

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Don’t multitask during video meetings.

We’ll point out the obvious here: while we’re all guilty of occasionally multitasking during audio and web conferences, in a video conference, everyone can see you. Responding to another email? We can see you. Checking your cell phone? We can see you doing that too. Eliminate distractions and focus on the meeting. Turning off notifications, closing or minimizing running applications and muting cell phones, streaming radio, etc., are all basic etiquette rules.


A virtual summit is valuable not only for the organizers but for the attendees as well. It is free of geographical limitations, thus enabling people to join the event from anywhere with the help of an internet-connected device. A virtual conference is scalable with enhanced reach which ensures inclusivity and diversity. For SMEs, virtual conferences are a great opportunity to build brand awareness, reach out to potential customers across the globe, and organize a groundbreaking event without breaking the bank. 

Never organized a virtual event before? Here’s a step-by-step guide to move your event online!

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