Attending conferences is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and build a network of support that helps grow your business and your career. Today we will discuss 5 Best tips for attending an international conference for first time.

But an industry event will only bring you those benefits if you know how to get the most out of attending conferences. If you go in without a plan or conference guide, you’ll waste both your time and your money. So, use these tips and free checklists to make sure you get the most out of your next conference experience.

Don’t just walk into a conference and expect the benefits to come to you. Make a plan to get what you want out of the conference. Before you go, make a list of what you want to gain from the event.

1. Network! 

(Remember, the whole point of a conference is communicating with people.)

  • Don’t be afraid to go up to a speaker or “famous” attendee and introduce yourself – they expect this at a conference. If possible, be prepared with a thoughtful question related to their published work or the talk they presented. Have your elevator pitch ready so you have a smooth answer when they ask what you’re working on.
  • Identify a couple of people who you’re interested in meeting and email them ahead of time. You may or may not set up a specific time to meet, but they’ll know to expect you when you introduce yourself in person. Make sure you’ve read their work and have a specific reason why you want to introduce yourself before you email.

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2. Pack Smart

  • Make sure you put your computer/poster in your carry-on luggage, NOT checked luggage. If your luggage goes astray then you have nothing to present, but you can always buy more clothes and toiletries. More and more people are starting to go with cloth posters, which can be scrunched up inside your bag instead of requiring a poster tube.
  • Bring snacks and a sweater. Some convention centers are well laid out with lots of food options and perfectly comfortable temperature settings… But most are not.

3. Plan Ahead

  • Because large meetings have multiple tracks of programming that are often spread out across large convention centers, planning ahead of time what sessions you want to attend is a must! Most conferences will have an online program that you can search by name, topic, and time; more and more now also have mobile apps.
  • Sometimes it’s helpful to identify an entire morning/afternoon symposium you want to learn about and just hang out in one spot for a while. This can give you a more in-depth exposure to the topic, and can save you miles of walking back and forth between talks.

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4. Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone

  • Use the breadth of topics that are being covered as an opportunity to broaden your horizons – some of your best research ideas may come from going in sessions that are outside your usual area of expertise.
  • Strike up conversations. Standing in line for Starbucks or sitting next to someone at a presentation could spark a friendship or collaboration that you’d never have experienced otherwise.
  • Be confident! You might even find it helpful to do some power poses before your presentation.

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5. Go to the Exhibit Hall

  • Make sure to hit up the vendors. They provide great expertise on the future of instrumentation and always have cool free stuff to give away.
  • The career expo (usually in or near the exhibit hall) is good to attend, especially for students. Even if you’re not currently on the market, it can be useful to see what’s out there and – again – make new acquaintances who you might not otherwise talk to.
  • The exhibit hall can also be a good place to arrange to meet people – it’s often centrally located with tables and chairs and open spaces.

Advantages of International Conferences:

On the whole, Conferences are always beneficial either National or International. International Conferences provide a different environment from the usual which helps the mind and body to relax and rejuvenate because a fresh and rejuvenated mind and body helps in grasping knowledge easily and fastly. Also, one gets a chance to meet and talk the experts, researchers, reputed people, professionals and also get a chance to work with them or collaborate their research work or projects with them and work under them.

 Interns and freshers do get a golden opportunity to understand the ways and techniques the professionals pursue and use the same ways in their projects/research works. Also, these Conferences help in knowing about the latest findings before even it is published. One of the greatest advantages of attending an  International Conferences is Networking and it matters a lot because through networking you come to know the other people in your own related field and get their advice and support as many times we need experts advice and suggestion on our own project works when we struggle to find solutions at the time needed.


Conferences are an essential part of academic life, but with all of the focus on getting papers accepted and the stress of presenting or giving talks, they can sometimes feel like an overwhelming or even scary experience. This, however, should not deter you, there are countless great reasons to attend a conference!. So this all about 5 Best tips for attending an international conference for first time

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