Publication in a journal brings reputation and fulfills the degree requirement in Indian universities. If you are searching How to publish a paper in journals for free in India? Then this article we will guide you to do that.

In India, thousands of research and academic conferences are being organized every year. The conferences are the best places to present your research papers and publish them. In the conferences, the review committee selects the research papers after checking several parameters and having a peer-review process.

Types of Journals to publish your research paper.

We divide the journal according to their access type.

  1. Open access
  2. Subscription based

You might have heard about the free journal and paid journals from different sources and media. But there is no such concept as a paid journals or free journals. As we discussed the journals are divided according to the access type.

In the open-access journal, the author needs to pay to publish and the reader need not pay while reading the paper.

While in the Subscription-based journal the author needs not to pay while publishing but the reader needs to pay while reading the paper.

According to the International Academic and Research community and ISSN authorities, both models of Publication are Valid, and most of the reputed Publishers are following this.

Which journal is best for publishing research papers?

Both types of journals carry equal value and according to your need, you can choose the journals.

While choosing the journal you need to check several other parameters like,

  • Journal Impact factor,
  • Indexing,
  • Publishers’ reputation,
  • Scope of the journal,
  • Editorial Board
  • Publishers past record etc.

Is indexed Journal are better than any nonindexed journals?

There are several journal indexing Agencies like Scopus, Web of Science, DOAJ, Jifactor Pubmed, IJIFACTOR, SCI, etc. These Indexing agencies select the journals for the indexing in their database. These journals are considered high-quality journals.

List of journals without publication fee

Here are some of the International journals which publish papers without any publication fee. These journals have high impact factors and indexing.

  • International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE)
  • International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC)
  • International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN)
  • International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science (IJAECS)

This journal selects the papers from the associated conferences and selects high-quality papers for the journals. All these journals have been publishing for several years. Currently, IRAJ International journals have the right to publish the papers in these journals.

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Free journal publication sites

Most of the reputed journals accept the papers as free from the authors and these journals may not publish them in open access journals. But you can consider IRAJ International Journals as a free journal publication site.

The editorial board selects the best papers in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology, Health care, Business management to publishing in the journals.

For publishing a paper in a high-quality International journal the researcher need to prepare a good paper. After writing the paper the author must search for a good journal and check the parameters we discussed in this article. You can select the IRAJ International journals for the high-quality journals that have a proven track record for several years and publish thousands of research papers. As an author always select a high-quality journal for the publication of research papers that will bring more reputation to you and your career. So this How to publish a paper in journals for free in India?

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