IRAJ is a reputed peer-reviewed scientific journal publisher in the world having various international journals. All the journals are considered as high in impact factor and indexing. Here we will discuss Is IRAJ Scopus Indexed?

About IRAJ conference 2021

Institute of Research and Journals-IRAJ is one of the largest research organizations dedicated to scientific research and innovation. Every year hundreds of International conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Webinars are been organized. IRAJ Conference 2021 has been announced now

The Scientific journals published by IRAJ International journals are the reputed journals. IRAJ conference 2021 covers major global cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai etc.

IRAJ Conferences also going to bigger this year 2021 and going to organize more than 50 international conferences in top cities in India like Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata etc.

All conferences are associated with high-quality reputed Scopus indexed journals, Global speakers, Collaborations. These conferences will be a place of the latest innovation scientific advancement.

How to participate in IRAJ Conferences?

IRAJ provides two three types of participation

  1. Author/Paper Presenter
  2. Listener
  3. Speaker

As an Author/Paper Presenter: If you are a researcher and having a research paper, you can attain the conference as a paper presenter. Where your papers will be presented in front of the global scientific community.

The IRAJ conferences are associated with a global peer review panel so you can get a chance of presenting your research finding with the world’s best scientists and renowned experts.

As a Listener: All the conferences of IRAJ are full of scientific discussions and technical sessions. As a listener, you can join the conferences and listen to the latest research papers and ideas. You can be a part of the conference as a listener and experience the biggest scientific events.

As a Speaker: If you are Professor or Expert in a particular topic IRAJ conferences is the best platform to reach to researchers.

How to find IRAJ conference 2021?

It’s very easy to find the upcoming Iraj Conferences in 2021. You can visit the and check the conferences and events. Or else you can simply visit

How to register for IRAJ conference 2021?

Once you reach to the conference page to can check the conference registration page.

You can submit your paper if you want to join as an author or paper presenter. You can also send your profile to the conference’s official email to join as a Lister.

The conference coordinator will send all the detail of the conference registration to your email soon after your submission. You can also contact the conference coordinator over call or Whatsapp.

Is IRAJ Scopus indexed?

All the IRAJ international conferences are associated with Scopus Indexed journals. The best papers from the conferences can be published in the top-rated Scopus Indexed journals. IRAJ conferences also provide free international journal publication in top scientific journals.

Yes!! , as IRAJ conferences are associated with Scopus Indexed Journals so it is considered as IRAJ is Scopus indexed.

How to publish in IRAJ Scopus indexed journals?

As we discussed IRAJ has been organizing various conferences across the globe, as a author you can submit your research paper to these conferences. The journals associated in these conferences can consider your paper for the publication. It s a best ways to publish your paper in IRAJ Scopus journals.

You can also contact the journal department to submit to the journals directly to publish in Scopus indexed journals.

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Cost of publication in IRAJ Scopus indexed journals.

The cost varies with the journal. IRAJ also has free journals to publish your paper. You need to contact the journal department to publish your papers in a good Scopus indexed journal.

Final words

IRAJ helps the authors and researchers to publish their paper in high-quality international journals indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, and UGC Care listed Journals, ABDC journals, SCI, ESCI, etc. The easiest way to publish papers in IRAJ Scopus Indexed journals is to participate in world-class IRAJ conferences and publish papers.

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