International Conference is defined as a platform to share the latest and innovative ideas with peers and senior groups of people from different parts of the world with the help of a PPT or Foster presentation. Here we will discuss How to participate in International Conferences?

How to participate in International Conferences?

Generally, an International Conference takes one day to three days having different technical sessions chaired by number of peoples having similar domain expertise.

Here several people from similar interests discuss a particular topic. Some conferences are being organized as multidisciplinary which are even more impactful for example when a medical professional gets insight into the latest engineering developments which could be useful at the health care sector similarly a mathematician could help an engineer by finding a good tool which may help the engineers to work more efficiently in terms of data analyzing.

International Conferences are associated with good Indexed International journals like IRAJ International Journals.

Difference between International Conference and National Conference

International and National Conferences are being organized at India every year. This brings a new era for the research scholars, Students, Professors, Industries to find new technologies and getting a change for the peer networking.

There is no such major Difference between National and International Conference. In National Conference the topic covered mostly related to national and the participants and the organizing members from the country itself however in an International conference the participant may be from inside the country and Outside the country.

The organizing people may be across the globe In both the case the publication of the paper may in the Journals. The Govt. has some regulations for the national and international conference which the organizers must follow.

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How to find an upcoming International Conference?

Nowadays, there are a number of conference alert websites that send those interested in attending conference regular, accurate, and highly reliable alerts on all your favorite upcoming conferences.

IRAJ associates with which is one of the most well-recognized conference alerts providers in the globe. Millions of students, researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs from all over the world subscribe to alerts from this incredibly reputable website.

Pay a visit to conference alerts and become a subscriber, today! Here, one can choose to customize the way they receive these alerts, by selecting their preferred field/fields of interest as well as the preferred location, too. One can subscribe to these high-quality alerts without paying a single penny.

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  • Gathering Information By Word Of Mouth

One of the best ways to gather information on upcoming conferences is to contact a few people whom you would like to engage with and arrange a meeting with them. All you have to do is simply hurl them an email a week or two in advance inviting them to spend a few minutes of their precious time to help you out.

Offer to order them a snack or a drink as a gesture of reciprocation. Reveal that you are not a taker, but a contributor. Once you have secured a practical connection, you can ask them for more news about all the forthcoming conferences you are considering taking part in.

Find upcoming International Conferences here

Benefits of attending an international conference

Benefits of Attending a Conferences

  • Get feedback on an early version of your latest work.
  • Get to know other people in your field.
  • Hear about the latest research.
  • Improve your presentation and communication skills.
  • Visit a new place and have fun.
  • Meet your academic heroes.
  • Engage in high-level debates and refine your ideas.
  • Adding to your CV.

Steps to participate in a conference

Before the Conference

  • Identify your goal. This is the first step. Ask yourself: Why are you attending this conference? What do you want to gain from this experience?
  • Note important dates. 
  •  Talk to your supervisor and course instructors. 

During the Conference

  • Check the agenda. 
  • Know your presentation. 
  • Document your presentation. 
  •  Build your network.

After the Conference

  • Make a post-conference facility visit. 
  • Take a tour. 
  • Submit your receipts. 
  •  Stay in touch with your new contacts.

FInal words

Participating in conferences and professional meetings are great steps that combine the scholarly and social aspects of your work. These experiences will enrich your CV and provide you with a valuable professional network that will help you along your career journey.

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